Sandcastle Centers & Tricare

Military families are just like any other family. Children attend school and their parents pursue careers. Then, at the end of the day, everyone comes together under one roof, to a happy, nurturing home.

Like other parents in the world, their main concern is their children’s health and well-being.

However, military families face challenges that families who aren’t associated with the military aren’t as likely to experience.

As a result of moving constantly, children find themselves often battling the hardships of being the “new kid” in school and being forced to familiarize themselves with new people.

The parent serving as a service member often is deployed for weeks, months, and even years at a time. On the other hand, the stay-at-home-spouse may have difficulty finding a stable career path.

Additionally, the family must wrangle with the stress and anxiety of their loved one’s safety during deployment.

Matters become more complicated when a child begins to show signs of developmental delays.

For example, a toddler avoiding contact with others, not responding to his/her name, and muttering no more than a few words. Or, a teenager who has trouble making friends, loses focus in school and struggles with low self-esteem. Autism definitely affects learning and development. Thus, accepting it through action and awareness are key. Parents should research more about ABA therapy guide.

Aside from the struggles already dangling atop of the family, the parents must then find someone to evaluate and diagnose their child. In some areas, this is a difficult task. Connecting with your autistic kid is not an easy task as well.

The search for a practitioner who treats disorders like ASD can be even harder, and in some areas, impossible. That’s why ABA therapy service providers like Sandcastle Centers offer ABA Telehealth service.

The Department of Defense has considered these struggles for several decades. In 2001 they created Tricare.

Tricare is a healthcare program that provides a full range of medical services to ensure the health of uniformed service members deployed all around the world.

Solutions For Children & Families

Tricare offers services for autism treatment, including occupational, physical, and speech therapy. ABA is also available to individuals who have autism through Tricare’s Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration plan.

The program has three parts: the Eastern U.S region, Western U.S region, and an overseas office.

The eastern region office, administered by Humana Military, covers the entire east coast of the country, from Florida to Texas. It also stretches north to Maine and Wisconsin.

Health Net Federal Services administer the western region office. (Link to Map.)

We now accept Tricare at Florida’s Sandcastle Centers.

Programs like Tricare ensure a quality of life for military families and provides access to effective therapies, like the ones offered at Sandcastle Centers.

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