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Our 10-Day Promise

Most parents are anxious to begin helping their child — now.

Here's the Acorn Health promise: For our early intervention program, you will have an opportunity to meet with one of our clinical team members for a free consultation within 10 days from calling admissions.

It's the first big step to starting treatment. Start now. (844) 244-1818


A network of providers, one shared vision

Acorn Health is setting the standard of ABA therapy with best practices, pioneering next practices, and a Clinical Advisory Board of leaders in the field.

Acorn Health's Alexandria Clinical Director Sarah DiGioia

Steven Perkins, M.Ed, BCBA
Lead BCBA - Clinical Operations

Sarah DiGioia, MS, BCBA, LBA
Lead BCBA- Clinical Initiatives

From our Alexandria Directors

A new Autism diagnosis or a change in providers can make goals for your family suddenly seem unattainable. Finding and understanding the right path to services and support can be challenging. You may be feeling uncertain, powerless, and overwhelmed. At Acorn Health, we are determined to provide you with the help you and your family need. You will have professionals to turn to for support and guidance. We have a variety of resources and nationwide support systems to help us bring the most ethical and empirically based services for your child to your, or our, front door. The path forward will be challenging and progress may seem impossible, but Acorn Health is committed to supporting and working with you and your child to develop and successfully meet treatment goals. At Acorn Health, we work hard to find what works best for you, because we see the world differently too.
Steven Perkins, M.Ed, BCBA
Lead BCBA- Clinical Operations

There are times in your life where you may not know where to turn or whom to lean on for support. Getting a diagnosis or finding the right ABA provider for your child can often be one of those times. At Acorn Health, we are here to help you navigate the right path forward, no matter what stage in the process you and your family are in. Through open discussions, team-based approaches, and transparent communication, we work hard to provide you with the information and options you need. We strive to reach milestones in the treatment goals we set together. We include you and your family in every step of the journey, and the milestones we reach with your child will shape a future filled with substantial gains for your family. There may be hard days to come and difficult decisions to make, but we are confident that we will persevere as a team. At Acorn Health, we work hard to find what works best for you, because we see the world differently too.
Sarah DiGioia MS, BCBA, LBA
Lead BCBA- Clinical Initiatives

Our Services

Everyone repeats behavior that produces a valued reward

This very simple, human inclination is central to ABA therapy. Your child’s Acorn Board-Certified therapist identifies a goal behavior for your child. When your child displays the behavior we want to see, he or she receives something personally meaningful (and you’ll help us identify ideas.

We’ll also learn what precedes your child’s challenging behaviors

We call them “antecedents.” They’re things that happen immediately before the behavior we’re trying to change. An antecedent can be a request, like “clean up your room”; a feeling or reaction; a specific object; bright lights or a noisy crowd. ABA therapy looks for these antecedents and finds alternatives that influence your child’s reaction.

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Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts conducts skills assessments to understand your child’s specific needs: his or her language development, practical life skills, ability to generalize learning, and more. We also conduct functional behavior assessments and analyses for children with challenging behaviors.

Custom Therapy Plan

With all this data, we draft a custom therapy plan and share our clinical recommendations with parents and caregivers. Therapy plans are developed only after we understand your family’s goals and preferences. We also openly collaborate with your child’s school and other therapists (for example, speech language pathologists or occupational therapists). Consistency and a team approach lead to optimal outcomes.

Skill Building

Acorn Health focuses first on the child’s activities of daily living. We begin with improving communication and social skills. Then, we address activities like mealtime challenges, and intensive toilet training. Where appropriate, we also develop vocational skills.

Family education and training is an integral part of each therapy plan. Consistency helps children acquire skills, then maintain and generalize the learning for new situations.

Behavior Reduction

Children with challenging behaviors benefit from function-based behavior reduction plans. These plans often include eliminating triggers and providing opportunities for the child to demonstrate the replacement behavior.

We have protocols for managing these behaviors and functional alternatives (e.g., asking for a break rather than engaging in problem behavior to achieve that break). Here, too, collaboration matters. Consistency at home, school, and other environments creates lasting progress.

ABA therapy is typically covered by insurance

Insurance requires a doctor’s referral and a formal diagnosis of autism. We accept most health insurance plans for assessment and ongoing treatment.

Please contact us with any insurance related questions at
(844) 244-1818

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