Safety Care Parent Training

Sandcastle Centers offers Safety Care Parent Training for families to help enhance safety and improve behaviors. Our parent training is provided in our center by our Clinical Director who has been certified by Safety-Care for families. Training is provided in a group setting or one on one. Safety Care Parent Training is a 5-hour training will have you feeling confident to safely handle your child’s behavior.

Safety Care training for families is offered for parents, guardians and in-home care-givers. The training is designed to help families learn to safely and appropriately prevent and intervene during disruptive and/or dangerous behaviors. These strategies can help greatly improve the quality of the individual’s life. 

Essential skills learned through this training:

  • Clearly defining challenging behaviors
  • Determining antecedents to challenging behaviors
  • Determining triggers
  • Developing safety habits
  • Understanding and utilizing the safety stance
  • Learning the power and importance of reinforcement and how to use it effectively
  • Learning how and when to use de-escalation protocols
  • Effectively implementing the elbow check
  • Managing your own behavior

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